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My name is Claudio de Almeida, I am an Electronic Engineer, graduated at FAAP - Sao Paulo - Brazil. I started working in the Security business in 1997, when I was hired as a Software Engineer by Graber group, one of the biggest security companies in Brazil.


Soon I noticed that security business, mainly CCTV, is an unexplored area, with very few specialists. Seeing that as an opportunity to broaden my horizons, I started to improve my knowledge on it, what made me responsible for Products division.


Later the company was acquired by Siemens Building Technologies, where I kept engaged in the same functions in a total of 6 years, when I received a proposal to work for Gravo Tecnologia Digital — a big importer and manufacturer of CCTV products - where, for 10 years, I'd been the Product and Special Projects' Manager.


Now I'm looking for new job opportunities in the US. Besides that, I build this website to disseminate my knowledge an offer my consulting services.


If you want to add me at Linkedin, my ID is:




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