Pre-Sales Support


To sell your products here in Brazil, you normally contact possible costumers by e-mail, telephone, Skype, etc. If they are interested in your product, they will order a sample and test here by themselves because, unfortunately, you can't be here to show your product features to them. But I can represent you on that, taking part in meetings, tests, translating your material to Portuguese, etc., and helping you to convince costumers to choose your product.


Post Sales Support


After the sales I can keep representing your company, giving local support and even  technical assistance to your costumers.




If you are a installer and need some help or advice in choosing the best equipment / solution to your customer, I can make the project for you. Just send me plants and pictures of the site, costumer needs and other information you have.


Remote Support


If you are in trouble with your installation and need a support to solve the problem, you can contact me by one of the ways mentioned in CONTACT.




I can give a training to your costumers, no need to send someone to Brazil that sometimes doesn't even speak Portuguese. You just have to rent a place here and send an invitation to your costumers.


Type of training I am used to perform is more complete and comprehensive than just keep talking about products. It's a training about CCTV theory. Because every training I attended I always seen the instructor talking about the wonderful features his product has, but most of the attendants had no idea what he was talking about. Then I realized that before trying to present a product's feature, you need your costumer to understand what is it for.


For instance, when I explain what for is WDR and how it works, I demonstrate it using your WDR camera.


This kind of training has been proving to be effective, normally generating Purchase Orders in the same day of the training.




Design of Product Documentation: manuals, quick references (summarized and more didactics), procedures , etc.


To hire any of the services above described, please contact me by one of the ways mentioned in CONTACT.




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