One of the biggest difficulties to evaluate / elaborate one project is to know how to specify the equipment and to dimension infrastructure correctly, which turns on equipments not being used in their best performance — even inadequately — causing money loss and delays.


The mission of this site is to help you offering to your customers the most adequate products and solutions to every situation with the best cost/benefit ratio.




The aim is to publish articles of general interest, trying to make an objective and impartial analysis, always showing pros and cons of every solution.


Suggestions for new articles are always welcome, but they only will turn on articles if they are of general interest.





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Making a website takes a long time and has its cost, hence the need to be open to posting ads. However, this website assumes no responsibility for published ads and somehow will publish an article biased, targeting benefit any manufacturer or product.


Nor brands and product models will be cited, except in rare cases where product is unique and is associated with only one manufacturer / model. Example: Image sensors and cameras processors.




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Google Adsense


You may have thought it strange to see a refrigerators ad in a CCTV website. This may be because, as the name implies, they are automatic announcements that ' feel ' your preferences and / or seek suit site page content . So if you've been researching refrigerators and accessed an article about IP cameras, you will probably see ads on IP cameras and / or refrigerators because the ads are randomly drawn from a list of advertisers who met those two requirements (recent concerns / page content) .


A curiosity: Sites get nothing to publish announcements, unless someone click them to access announced company's website  .


Paid ads


They are fixed ads, which appear in all pages of CCTV Institute website


There are 3 models of ads that your company can use to advertise on CCTV Institute website:


- 305 x80 pixels:


It is the smallest one; only carries company's logo. It's not recommended if your brand is not well known .


Real size example:



- 305 x 305 pixels:


This size can take more information.


Real size example:



- 305 x 610 pixels:


Ideal for showing some products your company sells.


Real size example:



Statistics below show it pays to advertise on CCTV Institute website.


Note that, with the exception of actual site pages, highest number of clicks was for ads :



Chart below, which measures the stay on the site, it can be noted that 37.2 % of visitors stay more than five minutes on the site, and 16.8% stay for more than an hour :



As long as visitors stay at the site, your brand is being visualized, as your ad is displayed in all pages of the site .


Marketing and promotion


Whenever a new article is launched, an email is triggered to more than 15,000 active and relevant contacts .


All these contacts are relevant to CCTV market, since they weren't obtained from a random list, but collected over the years.


Tehy are from people and companies in the area that did contact me in security exhibitions, meetings, e- mail , Linkedin, forums , discussion groups, etc.


This means that your brand is being disclosed to the correct target audience.


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